Do you know the difference ?

What’s the Difference Between Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease?

My mother passed with Alzeihmers at a time when we didn’t really understand or know much about it. To see her dissapear into a person who was confused and unable to do the things she used to do was so difficult to watch. She went from being a strong woman who brought up her three children virtually on her own, (My father worked away and only came home once a month at pay day for a couple of days) to a frail woman who couldn’t remember how to cook (setting the kitchen curtains on fire) or dress properly. She saw people in the house that weren’t really there. She had been a widow for fourteen years and could no longer remember my father or being married.

No one else in our family had ever suffered with Alzeihmers or Dementia and I wish we would have known more about this dreadful disease back then. It would have helped us understand what she was going through.

If you have a family member or friend who you think has any signs they could be affected. Don’t delay get advice and help for them immediately. Learn to understand their situation and how best to cope to make their quality of life as comfortable as possible.

The anniversary of my mother’s passing was the end of October and I felt compelled to share this post. 


8 thoughts on “Do you know the difference ?

    • Having lost my mother to Alzheimers and now caring for people in this situation, I am reading and learning more about these diseases all the time. I wish I had known more when my mother was going through this.


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