Every page tells a story…

I would love to find a place just like this to write. Somewhere that smells of polished wood and books. To be surrounded by books floor to ceiling whose pages hold endless stories. Inspiring me to write my own stories and fill my blank pages with words that will intrigue and keep the reader guessing until the very last line.

At the moment, sadly for my characters, I am going through a blank page syndrome …

I am lost for words and so they hang in the middle of a chapter … waiting, and while they wait I feel annoyed, frustrated and angry with myself that the words have stopped flowing. (Sighs) Is this what they call “writer’s block”  because it really sucks !!!

(picture from Pinterest)


6 thoughts on “Every page tells a story…

  1. I hope you soon get over the ‘block’ which can be very frustrating. I’m sure it won’t be long.
    I admire your taste in choosing places to read/write, that would be my ideal too, a very large library in my own country house.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx

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