New – Vampire & Single – Part 1: Me #Vampire #Paranormal #ASMSG

A tantalising vampire story with a difference…


Welcome to my new series – Vampire & Single.

This story reached no.11 in the Wattpad Vampire Book charts and it is about time I gave it some exposure on my blog. I think it’s a different take on a vampire story but happy to see what you think.

I will publish each episode every Thursday.

I have set up a page on my blog where I will store all the parts.

Part 1: Me 

Last year I turned into a vampire. I know what you are thinking – cool huh?

For the record it is not cool or trendy or sexy.

I feel the need to point out – I didn’t ask to be transformed into a vampire. Before the bite I was an ordinary, twenty-three year old woman, who enjoyed going out with her friends, spending too much money and embarrassing herself on a dance floor. Trust me…

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