How to Write A Creative Brief So Your Graphic Designer Creates An Amazing Book Cover

So much more to BOOK COVERS than I realized…

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If you’re an indie author on the journey of producing your own book, one of the roles you get to play is the Art Director of your book’s cover. Professional cover designers are trained in typography, photo editing, and design—but they’re not expected to know anything about your book or your visual preferences.

Communicating your vision is your responsibility. Luckily, a document called a Creative Brief exists to help you convey your intentions to your graphic designer. If you’ve never heard of a Creative Brief, no worries. Here’s all you need to know to create a document that communicates your wants and needs to a graphic artist so you’ll get a professional, attention-grabbing, hard-to-resist cover.

Anatomy of a Creative Brief

Below is a list of the elements of a Creative Brief. You can use this article as a template for creating your own document to communicate with your graphic designer.

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