29 thoughts on “THURSDAY GIGGLES

      • Oh, Phoenix! If you were not near someone with the virus – i think Norfolk is far away enough – there should be no problem. I hope you don’t have a dry cough. Wish you all the best. I think too, its only a normal winter flu, but you should make a test too. Michael

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      • Good news, i think! Dont worry, Phoenix! Now you are in the club, of the lockdowners. 😉 Hope you are not too sorry about. You can watching movies, listen to music, and reading books. Looking outside the windows could be great in Norfolk, too. Here you would see only a few cats, capturing the town. Lol

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      • Wishful thinking. Tge symptoms developed while on my caring assignment and now in quarantine with the lady I’m caring for, for 14 days and if she starts showing any symptoms it will be a further 14 days. I get a 2 hour break during the day. I’m a live-in-carer and in call 24/7

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      • Gosh, i am sorry for this. Keep calm, Phoenix. You will need to have antibiotics. Hope they will give them to you. Horrible days! Best wishes, Phoenix. My thoughts are always with you. Be blessed! Michael


      • Hello Phoenix!
        I didn’t get out of my head, what you wrote.
        So I’ve had normal flu symptoms the last two weeks as well. So if you hadn’t come into contact with those who may have been infected, there should be nothing.
        I only mentioned Pete because he had been in the NHS for decades and certainly had better contacts for a test. At the moment it is more dangerous to go to a doctor than to stay away from it.
        Keep warm, drink something warm, and don’t worry too much. Best wishes, and give a note! Michael

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