15 thoughts on “FRIDAY FUNNIES

  1. Lol, my greatest fear for the future. Rioting to keep the social distance. Plz i would do it with some officials. :-)) Thank you for the laughter, Phoenix. Be well and stay save. By the way: Are you living near Aldebourgh? I remember there are regularely Benjamin Britten concerts, and there is a amazing golf ressort too. 😉 Michael.

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      • Sounds rural, but after “googleing” i have to honour it as a very historical and indeed interesting town. Be happy there. You have a wonderful church for St. Michael and All Angels too. Here they always divide the Archangel from the others. Lol
        But you have no twinning with a German city or town. Shame on you. Lol
        This with the old people sometimes is very sad, in Covid-19 more than ever. In my experiences they will not accept the danger. Take care for you, with mask. I always have a mask in my pocket. Be well and stay save Phoenix. All the best to you. Michael

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