Summer Holiday

Taken late this afternoon on Mira beach Portugal.

Our favourite beach we visit every year. People were in small family groups and spaced out roughly 2 metres apart. We had a lovely relaxing afternoon and the sea was a lot warmer than it has been in previous years.

In the photo the seagulls are feasting on the fish that escaped from the fishing nets the fishermen were pulling in.

A typical scene on the beach when the fishing nets are pulled in.

Fishing boats are stil the original shape and design but now all have motors whereas before the men rowed out to cast their nets.

Years ago a team of 12 cows were used to pull in the fishing nets and now they use tractors to do that heavy work.

It was really interesting to watch the nets being pulled in and how perfectly synchronised the teams of men worked as the nets were hauled in between two tractors.

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