I have spent the last two and a half months studying eight courses for my position in caring for the elderly. It was a stressful time as the pass mark was 8O% but I did pass every course and passed my final exam with 98%


Having put all my editing and writing on hold during these past two months, I am finally getting back into my writing.
If time is on my side between working and family I hope to publish two books this year.

THE COLOUR OF LOVE which was put on hold for far too long. A fantasy romance where two strangers meet in a very unusual way. Through an unexpected electrical mishap they are linked together in a dream world.
This story is in the editing process and thanks to my very patient Beta Reader is being tossed, turned, pulled apart and rewritten to perfection.
I will be dropping pictures and excerpts of the story as editing progresses.

The second book I hope to publish at Christmas is my illustrated children’s story book which my Grandson helped me write. It’s a cute little story about a golden duck, no title as yet. I am hoping my Grandson, who is eleven will do the cover art for me.

So now begins the task of ploughing through chapters and searching out every detail, typo and plot hole and rewriting / editing to perfection to make it an enjoyable read.


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I have totally lost the plot today. Lacking inspiration !?!


I had all these amazing words I wanted to write while in the shower but who keeps pen and paper hanging in the shower for such emergencies?  I dare any of you authors to say you do ???
Feeling on top of the world with all these new ideas tucked firmly in my head and then it happened ….
A hawk took down a little bird right outside my bedroom window. I was stunned. My bedroom window looks out into a communal garden on a built up town estate. I have seen hawks hunt  while travelling but never actually seen it make a kill and to witness this outside my window, was unbelievable.  Yes I was sorry for the little bird but it was too late to save it. Did I get this on camera?  The moment I moved to pick up my phone the hawk saw the movement and took off leaving the dead bird behind.  I waited patiently for him to come back but alas.
I have just noticed the bird is gone so he must’ve come back to claim his kill while I was busy.
Memorable moments you are thinking. So why am I feeling as flat as the pussycat?  All my inspirational words discovered in my shower have flown away, just like the hawk. Now I am left with this empty exasperated Monday feeling.
Apart from that I am a live-in-carer looking after the elderly with dementia – 24/7 for 2 weeks at a time. I am writing this post while taking my only 2 hour break at work and it has been a very trying day.  I look forward to my breaks as that is when I lose myself in my writing or reading, but today I have zilch inspiration. So on this Monday I feel like my flat pussycat and hoping tomorrow will be a better day.
How is your Monday going?

PURPLE is my favourite colour


The Phoenix


I draw my strength from the Phoenix Bird. To rise above all my writers blocks and editing curses,  to one day live my dream and be a best selling  author ….

I can relate to every single word.





As I approach the final stages of the editing / proof reading of my debut novel SECOND CHANCES it has most definitely been a long and sometimes frustrating road. There were times when I wanted to give up and toss in the towel but kept going, thanks to my amazing Beta Reader, who constantly encouraged me.

You know what its like when you can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, well he was most definitely my torch, even though he kept moving backwards making me push forward to follow the light. His encouraging words were like that early morning coffee that gives you a buzz and kick starts your day.

I can’t begin to tell you how many times I read and re-wrote not only sentences or paragraphs but whole chapters. It’s so true when writers say the finished version no longer resembles the original story… I can only hope that for every reader who purchases my debut novel they will enjoy reading it and hopefully leave me a review on the site they purchased from.




Well the printed proof has finally arrived through the post and although it is only the proof it is so exciting to hold in your hands the first book you have ever written. Now the task is to read through it and scrutinize each page to make sure its perfect for my readers.

Here is a comment I received from a reader who read the first draft of this story before the editing and re-writing started.

I really enjoyed reading SECOND CHANCES. At the beginning it all seems like a fairytale (their perfect lives almost annoying), but then all of a sudden the story shifts and gets a different feel, a different tone. I like how the characters evolve, how they change, It’s not your average “boy meets girl, wins her heart and they live happily ever after” kind of romance.
You also address some serious topics like depression, anxiety, mental/physical illness, nonetheless sending a strong, positive message – that it’s ok not to be ok sometimes, but you can learn from mistakes and overcome adversities, or learn to cope with them.



I hope this comment will wet your appetite and encourage you to purchase SECOND CHANCES when it is published on Amazon and Createspace.



The feeling of her body surrendering to his touch excited and scared her all at the same time. She felt as if the essence of her life and soul were captured by his and united as one. There was no more her or him, just an infinite being of pure singularity