Monday blues

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Passionate about Poetry

When I discovered Wattpad I experimented with posting a few of my poems online and free to read. I was overwhelmed by the amount of readers who took the time to read comment and vote for my poems.

Moments of Love was my first attempt at compiling these poems into one book and this anthology of romantic poems was published on Amazon.

Of course I had help from a talented author, Angela Stevens, with the formatting and design of the cover. Although she did say that formatting a poetry book is no easy task and far more difficult than creating the right cover.

Will I be writing more poems? Most definitely and have since published Whispers of Love – cover created by Angela Stevens, and I’m presently working on my third poetry book due for publication February 2019.

If you’d like to read a sample of my poetry for free, hop across to and look for SOMETIMES a new collection of poems I add to weekly.