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Phoenix Rainez

Romance and Erotica Author

75544angnet038Born and raised in Zimbabwe, and now living in England. I’m a wife and mother of two wonderful daughters and four adorable young grandchildren. I’m an incurable romantic and love long walks on a sandy beach at sunset. I am obsessed with the colour purple and a total chocoholic. Poetry is my first love and passion and I’ve been writing poems since the age of ten. My family and friends kept encouraging me to write and publish my first book and I am so glad I have finally achieved this goal. It is by no means my last book either, as I have many more romantic stories to tell.

One of my favourite pass times is to walk along the beaches of which we have quite a few lovely ones here in Norfolk UK. I also love spending time with my grandchildren, we read stories and build sand castles and do arts and crafts together.

I’m an incurable romantic and only ever read romance novels, regardless whether they are fiction, fantasy or paranormal and occasionally historical. Lady Chatterley’s Lover was my first romantic novel I read in my early teens, apart from those SEE magazines we use to get back in those days and then of course Mills and Boons, but soon got bored with those.

Poetry is my passion and it was how I started my journey into writing. I love reading and writing poetry and often write a poem which will be my gateway into a new story.

My favourite colour is and always has been purple although lately I have added orange to my colours for my author profile photo as I have discovered the Phoenix mythical bird and feel this is me.

My vision for the future is to live my dream and spend my days writing. A comfy chair and desk in a bay window, looking out to sea, either in Cyprus or Spain. Although Cyprus stole my heart. The history and mythical legends of Greek Gods, the story of Aphrodite, it was all so romantic and mystical. Swimming in the sea at Aphrodite’s rock was awesome for me. I know this sounds crazy but it was like stepping back into a legend. Incredible experience even though the water was freezing. All the underground cities, it was just mind blowing to walk through the ruins. To be able to go back there and sit in those mythical places and feel the vibrations of legends and write ….. (sighs) this is my dream. To write a Greek mythical love story using the tales of the Greek gods as a guide and weaving them into my words.

I love reading about myths and legends, magical and spiritual things. Lately I have discovered there is so much more to the Phoenix bird and going to research her a lot more. This bird is who I want to be …. To emerge renewed and ready to take on the world, to find the courage to tackle things that always seemed impossible, to finally climb my mountain and reach for the stars.

In my spare time I like to read and write of course and I find writing poetry helps me get in touch with my inner emotions and brings out the best in me when I sit down to write a story. I often find writing a poem about the story I want to write will help set the guidelines for the novel. As with my poem “The Painter” on Wattpad it has led to the start of my novel in progress “The Gypsy Painted Me”.

I am always overwhelmed by sunsets over the sea and blown away by the lightning displays during a storm over the sea. I love every phase of the sea, its beauty when its calm and its rough and violent waves in a storm. Do I swim in the sea? I always use to, but as I have got older I have developed a severe fear of sharks and don’t venture in further than my knees.



25 thoughts on “About Phoenix Rainez

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  2. Hi,
    as you live not far from us we were curious to see your blog. Thanks for visiting and commenting our Bookfayrie Blog. Well, our beloved Master is an author too, more than 50 books of him are published in more than 25 languages. You see, we are a bit proud … but now he found his love for blogging with us and so we met.
    We love your reviews of books we would not notice otherwise. It’s not the kind of literature we would read. So you brodened our minds. Thank you.
    All the best from Cley next the sea
    the Fab Four

    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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    • Hi Fab Four
      thank you for stopping by my blog and for the great comment. I’m still exploring the whole aspect of blogging, although I did set this page up ages ago I’ve only recently started using it more frequently and have had such fun meeting other people with similar interests.
      I am a new writer and my first novel will be released soon. Please
      tell me what books your Master has written. Being an incurable
      romantic everything I read and write is tinged with romance.
      Thanks again for stopping by. I will post that photo of sunset at Cley as soon as I can find it. Sunsets are my favourite topic.
      Best Regards
      Phoenix Rainez


      • Dear Phoenix,

        just a quick reply because we have a party tonight and we Bookfayries have to help our Master otherwise he is helpless 😉 And Dina is busy.

        Here you find his books
        He writes in German but his work is translated in many languages as you will see.
        Well, we are 2 fairies and our beloved Dina, the Norwegian photographer, and our dear Master, the German writer, who lives in Cley for about 35 years now.
        All the best and we promise, you will see more posts about Scotand in the next weeks.
        With kind regards
        the Fab Four of Cley

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      • Hi Fab Four
        Thanks for the link.
        In the process if editing my first novel so will definitely take a look when I’m finished.
        Still scrolling thru my 100’s of photos to find the photos of Cley at sunset. It was a couple of years ago now so have some digging to do still.
        Hope your party was fabulous.
        Have a terrific week and lots of fun


  3. Ahh Phoenix, you are by the sea in Norfolk. That is a special place. When we were young we used to holiday in Blakeney.

    I have not visited Crete yet and didn’t know about the underground cities.

    Have you visited Wales? Especially Anglesey? There is an energy there that is special.

    Hugs from a fellow lover of nature and chocolate. Xx


    • We often take a drive out to Blakeney in the summer. Stop for a coffee or lunch. Lovely place.

      Have not visited Wales but would love to. Definitely on my list of things to do. When is the best time of the year to visit?

      Cromer is our nearest beach. My happiest moments are spent sitting in a coffee shop watching the sea. I have so many photos of the sea in all kinds of weather. Not yet captured the perfect stormy sea scene.

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