If I could be a colour I would be Purple

If I could be a flower I would be an Orchid

If I could be a fruit I would be a Strawberry

If I could be an intoxicating beverage I would be Pink Champagne

If I could be an instrument of music I would be a Harp

If I could find the end of the Rainbow I’d climb to the top

And slide down on the Colour Purple …..

I’m Going To Be Changing Things Up a Bit and I’ll Need Your Help

Helping get the message out there about M S

Dream Big, Dream Often

I am going to be focusing my YouTube channel on my fight against multiple sclerosis. My plan is to help provide support, perspective, information, etc. to those who fight against chronic pain, illness or multiple sclerosis, etc.  I want to spread the word far and wide and drive subscribers to my YouTube channel.  In order for me to do this I will need the help of the blog community and am asking any and everyone to subscribe to my channel and/or recommend to someone you think might benefit.


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My Next Novel

I am presently editing my Adult Romance HIS COLLAR SHE WORE and here is a snippet of information about the two main characters.

Melanie McKinney was an only child, daughter of a billionaire, living and working in a hospital training to be a nurse.  At the age of twenty two her parents were tragically killed in a car accident leaving her with an inheritance far beyond her knowledge. 

Cirrus Ballinger, was over six feet tall, with dark hair, eyes to match and handsome in a rugged sort of way.  A multi-millionaire playboy and confirmed bachelor in his thirties. Grapevine rumours said that he played on the dark side of town.

His Collar She Wore is Book 1 of The Collar Series and majority of the chapters are played out on a luxury mega-yacht.

Sunday Love Quotes

When you’re in love there are more sunny days than rainy days (c) PhoenixRainez 

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My review of Lora Lee by PJ Webb 

If you’re looking for a ghost story with horrifying scenes, entwined with romance then this is the book for you.
Lora Lee will take you through her terrifying nightmares with such graphic description you’ll feel the hairs rise at the back of your neck and the shadows in your room seems sinister.
Unbeknown to Lora Lee her life is somehow tangled up in the mysterious haunting of Cliff House and the ghosts that haunt this house stalk her every movement, intent on keeping her apart from the man she is going to marry.
Pletcha PJ Webb’s descriptive writing plays out like a movie scene which you can clearly see, making this story all that more real and scarey and left me feeling uneasy, glancing at the shadows in my room.
If you love ghost stories I highly recommend you read Lora Lee available on Amazon links below


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