If I could be a colour I would be Purple

If I could be a flower I would be an Orchid

If I could be a fruit I would be a Strawberry

If I could be an intoxicating beverage I would be Pink Champagne

If I could be an instrument of music I would be a Harp

If I could find the end of the Rainbow I’d climb to the top

And slide down on the Colour Purple …..



Going off line

I’ll be off line for a while now. Going in for ful knee replacement operation tomorrow morning, 15th March.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Take care and stay safe 💜

Draft2Digital Adds Google Play Distributor for Your Ebooks

Good news from Draft2Digital

How to Make, Market and Sell Ebooks

This is a great addition by Draft2Digital for important retailers to work with. Google Play sells a lot of books for indie authors. Smashwords doesn’t have this distribution option, and Google closed the door to new authors several years ago. Nice update for D2D.

Their email highlights:

As of right now, Google Play Books is another option for you to offer your books to an ever-growing audience of readers worldwide! Reach out to more than seventy countries using a brand that everyone knows.

NOTE: This program is currently a public beta

When you opt-in, we’ll automatically add the Suggested Wholesale Price for your book. You can adjust this price after opt-in, if necessary.

No minimum price—There is no minimum price at Google Play Books. You can list your book for free if you like! Otherwise, you’ll price at 99-cents or above.

Wholesale pricing—Google Play…

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Babies do really come from storks 😉

This was too cute, I just had to share. Original post from Justin Bowman Facebook.