If I could be a colour I would be Purple

If I could be a flower I would be an Orchid

If I could be a fruit I would be a Strawberry

If I could be an intoxicating beverage I would be Pink Champagne

If I could be an instrument of music I would be a Harp

If I could find the end of the Rainbow I’d climb to the top

And slide down on the Colour Purple …..

My Love Quotes

LOVE is a sense only the heart can feel …    (c) Phoenix Rainez 

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What Every Author Needs To Know About Social Media – Stephen Bentley


Sleeping vs Writing

I’m writing my way to the final chapters of Book 2 of my Collar Series but this last quarter of the book is intense and each completed chapter leaves me drained.

Working full time I write during my breaks and in the evening until I can’t keep my eyes open anymore. But 4 hours sleep a night is beginning to take its toll. Whenever I try to stop and go to sleep my characters blast ideas into my tired brain. I know they want their story to be told and pushing for the final chapter which was supposed to be the end of this saga but they don’t play fair. Not only do they keep me awake but they have changed the ending of the book pushing their way into a third book without warning.

Such is my dilema. A new ending I was not prepared for and a Book 3 I never knew existed. To add to my writing load, when I was just a quarter way through this second book two of the minor characters made it very clear they needed their own story in the pages of a companion Novella.

If my brain doesn’t overload and explode I hope to publish the first book in this series in 2018. 

And yes this series is an adult romance …

(Picture from Pinterest) my vision of the two characters from my companion novella.

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Watch Traci Sanders interview Anita Kovacevic. Both of these ladies are exceptional authors.

A poem about the tragedy of Grenfell Tower.

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