THE MIRACLE OF LIFE   by Phoenix Rainez

There is a woman that I know

Who decided to change her name

And left behind all those she knew

For a space in time she needed

To renew energies depleted

She stepped into a new domain

A new identity she did claim

And lived a life she should’ve done

When she was still so young

And life was free and fun


On her travels far and wide

A pair of friends she did find

Two different virtues they did follow

They danced together through the night

Intoxicated by their flame of fun


A tiny seed was to begin

From this friendship’s curiosity

A miracle they did create

Where a life was never meant to be

Now flourished abundantly


She must face a complicated state

Her true identity is at stake

Or should the life that she once knew

Forever be hidden out of view

Has she courage to face life anew


For in her darkest hour of thought

She travels alone to find her path

A life once lived or one that’s new

Will her miracle guide her through

To continue on a different view


Friends she leaves so far behind

Will know and understand her plight

As she looks into her future

Carrying her miracle of life inside her

There’s no other plan that she can see


And so she leaves her past behind

Traveling into a bright new dawn

Inspired by her miracle of life

New friendships are now in place

A family soon will share her space14122_412252065812_545940812_5317315_4581950_n[1]


The miracle of life has now begun

Inside the girl who changed her name

A brand new life she must now face

Her true identity lost in space

A whole new life now finds its place

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