If you’re caring for someone with Alzeihmers…

As Dark Clouds Gather

“The World According To Owain” by OwainGlyn on Wattpad http://my.w.tt/UiNb/7EpiFprOnD

This is a heart breaking poem with reference to the horrific bomb attack in Manchester UK last night.

Who is SHE? – Phoenix Rainez

Special thanks to Anita for this great interview opportunity

Anita's Haven

AuthorPhoenix Rainez a true romantic at heart, has also generously agreed to do my non-question interview and to explain what my key words remind her of. Meet Phoenix form a different perspective…


DREAMS – there is one special dream I have, that I wish would come true and that is to find that perfect hideaway and spend endless time filling pages, with the stories that are crowding my head. A place where there is no concept of time, where days just filter into one long writing scene with no disruptions except for the necessary body functions.

STRESS – A word that pushes so many buttons… I think my typical stressful times is when I have a deadline to meet or a course I need to work through and pass for my day job. As a full time, live-in-carer for the elderly, I have regular courses to update…

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Struggling to write book reviews ?

Always remember a writers life line to promoting their books to more readers, are the reviews you write. So if you’re struggling to write a review for the book you’ve just finished reading and loved the story, but not sure where to start or how to write a review, maybe these 10 tips will help.