MY GUEST POET – Owain Glyn – Published Author of WINDSWEPT


I would like to introduce you to Glyn Hockey an amazing poet who has recently had his collection of poems WINDSWEPT picked up by the Outerbank Publishing Group. Glyn’s poetry is officially published under the name Owain Glyn.  His poems are written from the heart, flow with ease and often read like a song. If you enjoy reading poetry you’ll love reading WINDSWEPT.


IMG-20150804-WA0002Owain Glyn is a Welsh exile, currently living on the wild Cornish coast, a land of legend, from King Arthur, and Merlin, to mermaids, pirates, and smugglers. his love of words drives him to write on  a wide range of subjects, from romance, to humour, politics, dark spiritual matters, and children’s poetry. He writes in a style which he hopes is accessible to all.

To all the lovers of poetry and Owain Glyn’s fans, here is the promised interview with the great man himself. Yes that’s him in the pictures too.

What made you start writing poetry?

I joined a poetry group at University to make new friends, poetry was the best friend I met.

  How old were you when you wrote your first poem? 

Around the age of eighteen. Although I stopped during my commercial career.

 Is there a reason you opted for writing poetry instead of a novel? 

Poetry gives me the opportunity to use words in a completely different way from prose.

Would you ever consider writing a novel? 

Oh yes, I am writing a novel based on a family shortly after the second world war, as we speak.

 Where do you get your inspiration from to write your poems? 

I am an inveterate observer, I find inspiration everywhere. 

Is WINDSWEPT the first collection of poems you have written? 

No, my first collection was humour based. 

Can you remember the very first poem you ever wrote and the title? 

I can, but it would be far too embarrassing to make it public. 

Is there any hidden truth in the poems you write? 

Oh yes, although I try to write simply, I do hope some people will see into the depths of my writing. 

Many people connect poetry with romance, are you a romantic person? 

Yes, I think we all are, if we are truly honest with ourselves.

Is there a particular poem in your WINDSWEPT collection that connects you with that someone special in your life? 

I was hoping you would not ask that, but I hope they all do.



Who is your favourite poet?  

If I have to choose, Edgar Alan Poe. 

Which Windswept poem is your favourite? 

I am proud of them all, but ‘Gems’ is very special. 

If you wrote a romantic novel, what would the title be? 

Love in all its Colours. 

If poetry was expressed in colour, what colour would that be to you? 

I think aquamarine.


10 POP QUESTIONS – please write the first word that comes to mind (be honest) 

Windswept – Romance 

Inspiration – Everywhere 

Nervous – Always 

Desperation – Coffee 

Sultry – Cleopatra 

Worldly – Me 

Experience – Useful 

Pleasure – Writing 

Temptation – Cigarettes

Thank you for your time Owain Glyn. It has been an enlightening interview into the head of an excellent poet. I am sure your readers will enjoy reading your answers and getting to know their favourite poet a little better now too.



I’d like to take this opportunity to wish you ever success with all your future publications, be they poetry or novels.



We sit by the stream

On this soft summers day

Entranced by the dance

As the Dragonflies play.


A waggle tailed Moorhen

Leads young to the nest

While the arrogant Swan

Knows she’s looking her best.


In the meadow the mad Hare

Continues the chase

As the spider weaves webs

That the sun turns to lace.


Overhead soft white pillows

Cross pastel blue skies

And I gaze with pure joy

As I see skylarks rise.


I look at you sleeping, a smile on my face

And I thank Mother Nature for sharing this place.

The silver stream gurgles on its merry way.

As I glory in you, and a soft summers day.

                                                     Owain Glyn


What would you do

If I turned up on your doorstep

At two in the morning

Dressed only in my violin?

You know,

The one without a bow

That I play in the metro


Surrounded by funnel web spiders.

I don’t stay,

Because they say

It’s illegal,

And anyway

I can’t play.

This is nonsense

Of course,

Just like

The pantomime horse

On my bedroom wall.

All I really want to say,

Is what would you do

If I turned up on your doorstep

At two in the morning

Dressed only in my violin?

Would you send me away?

Because I can’t play?

                      Owain Glyn


I’ve bought this large red fur lined suit

And knee length boots of black

I bought them in a clearance sale,

So I can’t take them back.


I’ve rustled up some reindeer,

And stolen next door’s sleigh,

I’ll hook the two together,

Then I’ll get on my way.


I can’t afford a satnav,

I’ll manage with a map,

It seems to stop at Dover,

So the thing is pretty crap!


I’ll make my way up to the sky,

And gather you some stars,

I’ll wrap them up in moondust,

And pretend they came from Mars.

Do you have a chimney?

One that I will fit?

I really do not wish to look,

A red, fat, stupid git!


But know I’ll make all efforts,

To be with you Christmas day,

Please try to be patient,

In case I lose my way!

                             Owain Glyn


As I approach your fortress,

I see the dark forbidding walls,

Towering to scratch the sky,

Stern sentries at every entrance.


I look in silence,

Knowing that these walls,

Protect you from storms,

Pain and heartache cannot permeate.


I set up camp below your towers,

And prepare my vigil,

And draw my quest,

To set you free.


Know this:

I was Joshua’s mentor at Jericho,

I aided Ghengis Khan to overcome the Chin,

I instructed Job in the art of patience.


The love I hold for you,

Defies all impediments,

It will forge cracks in these defences,

And let in shards of sunlight.


Tear down your shrouds within,

Replace them with golden tapestries,

Play, at last, sweet music,

To welcome me.


For my love will be your protection,

My love will be your shield,

And your salvation,

You will have no need of walls.

                                     Owain Glyn


For many years I have drifted


Across many seas,

And moored in many harbours.


Some have been too shallow



No protection from the storms.


Fierce winds have blown me

Far off course

And I have followed the safety

Offered by bogus lighthouses.


I have been hypnotised

By siren song

Whose navigation

Led me onto reefs.


I became resigned

To drifting

And sought

No bearing.


One grey day

While drifting in the fog

Far out to sea

I saw a light.


Without expectation

I followed it

And it led me to a safe haven

It led me to you.

                           Owain Glyn


12 thoughts on “MY GUEST POET – Owain Glyn – Published Author of WINDSWEPT

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  2. I cannot find my earlier comment, PR, but I find no difficulty in adding another. Indeed, until I can finally pick up a copy (or 3) of Windswept, I can come here to get my ‘Windswept fix.’
    Its not easy to describe Glyn’s writing if you’ve not sampled it: simple yet profound, the kind of book you read at night and allows you smile before sleep. The kind of book that brings back warm memories and makes you believe in love again.
    For your readers who’ve not experienced those feelings from poetry or any book recently, I heartily recommend Windswept. I warn you though, it is addictive: )
    Your interview and Mr. Glyn’s responses helped we readers who love his work to know him better, and I thank you for that, Angie.

    Liked by 1 person

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